Rispetto per l’ambiente e per il territorio
Our Green Philosophy

At Tenuta il Cicalino you can enjoy an experience of relaxation, wellness, activities and sport surrounded by nature. We have therefore made precise choices. These choices are based on the awareness that all our actions have a direct impact on the environment around us and where we live. Hence every day, we strive to minimize waste and consumption while improving the quality of the service we offer. We are not asking you to sacrifice anything but offer you the opportunity to tune in with the environment in which you will be immersed, respecting it and becoming part of it while enjoying its fragrances and the food that comes directly from the surrounding areas. You can also admire the passing of the seasons that shapes and paints the landscape in a generous life cycle that is repeated, but never the same.

environmental protection

Immersed in nature

As soon as you arrive, you will instantly feel the desire to leave your car in the parking area and get to the farm buildings on foot or on our classic e-bikes while appreciating the scents of nature around you.

Some of the many choices we make every day include using eco-friendly cleaning products and carefully selected recyclable packaging, and making our electric car charging station available to our guests.We have fitted our apartments with ceiling fans to ensure regenerative rest and low energy consumption.

Striving to improve our services and to offer our guests an experience that is always up to their standards, we have fitted all of our apartments with eco-friendly Air-Conditioning systems.

Those guests who do not appreciate Air-Conditioning can switch on the ceiling fan for a cool, invigorating rest

We are sure that you will share this philosophy with us, which will make your stay a complete experience in total harmony with nature and without sacrificing comfort.

Siamo certificati DREAM&CHARME

Tenuta il Cicalino

Struttura ricettiva sostenibile certificata per l’attività di ricettività

Diritti umani, rapporti e condizioni di lavoro; Impatto ambientale; Gestione clienti, utenti e consumatori; Coinvolgimento e sviluppo della comunità locale; Approvvigionamento sostenibile.

La struttura ricettiva è conforme allo Standard D&C:2020

Tenuta il Cicalino porta bandiera LANDGRÜN

What does it mean?

Quasi nessun altro tipo di vacanza si avvicina così tanto al tema della sostenibilità come una vacanza in campagna. Lì, dove la vita non si svolge davanti alla tv, ma immersi nella natura. Dove ci viene ricordato che il latte non esce dal frigo. E dove puoi vedere crescere gli ingredienti del tuo pane. LANDGRÜN è sinonimo di albergatori e alloggi in tutta Europa che prestano particolare attenzione alla sostenibilità e sono stati valutati con successo in base a specifici criteri.