Road cycling, mountain biking or freeriding – three different lifestyles united by the same passion: cycling. Three different ways to come into contact with the unspoilt nature that unwinds over these farm-holiday natural surroundings.

All the mountain bike paths go through the woods and are located in the ideal spot for day trips. You can also take advantage of eateries on route, where you can stop for a little break to catch your breath or have a bite to eat in a typical Tuscan pub.

For freeriding lovers, in addition to plenty of space in the surrounding countryside, there is a sleek private track within the farm grounds. Concurrently, for all the road cycling fans, the surroundings of this farm holiday cottage environment are the perfect spot to enjoy the Maremma from up close.

Tenuta il Cicalino & mtbeer-Bikeschule

The mtbeer organises, from October 2008, bike-holidays for the Tenuta Il Cicalino with individual program for each participant. The guided tours of mtbeer are only possible with the booking of the entire package.

The mtbeer organises bike-holidays at the Tenuta Il Cicalino from several years. Here you can find the right atmosphere to make your holiday unforgettable, relaxing and amusing yourself far from the hectic all day life. At the end of your holiday you will have not only the know-how of the mtbeer, but also a lot of fantastic memories to take home with you.

Bike-tours organised from qualified guides, beginners groups also for women, gym, free ride trail, one-day test for top-bikes, technical lessons and materials for guests, bike garage, alternative program for companions.

Bike Test Center at the Tenuta Il Cicalino

Test FREE or rent for a day the new top-bikes of Wheeler and BiXS. Choose the bike according to your current level and to your needs, so that you can experience the home trails and the bike’s performance!

Discover all the bike tracks