Data pubblicazione: 12 Oct 2020 - Categoria: Surroundings Massa Marittima


This is, for us, one of the best times of the year!

Finally, the olive tree, after its winter sleep and spring blooming which has turned into fruit in the hot summer, expresses all its beauty! The olives have taken their wonderful purplish color which tends to black: they are ready to be harvested, the sun has once again done its job perfectly!

The teams are all organised for manual harvesting; it is an ancient tradition that of beating and picking the olives, which requires patience and attention, early in the morning the pickers find themselves in the olive groves when the dew disappears and the sun rises in the sky peeping through the curved branches from the weight of the fruits.

These beautiful fields, with olive trees with silver gray leaves, under a blue sky, are ready to give us their wonderful oil!

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