The Vecchioni family – getting back in touch with traditions dating back to the early 20th century when the farm used to produce its own wine and had its own wine cellar – a few years ago started once again to cultivate its vineyards. The present vineyard covers an area of about 15.000 and the principal wine variety is the cabernet franc which uses the cordon trained and spur-pruned system.

The two registered designations are Federico V and Cicalino.

Federico V


wine bottle maremma toscana federico V

Technical sheet:

After careful selection during the vegetative phase , the grapes were harvested in late August , selected and gently de-stemmed , macerated for 15 days to allow the alcoholic fermentation , followed by malolactic fermentation.

In November, the wine is matured in new French Allier oak barrels for 12 months.

The Federico V is a wine of great quality , produced in our vineyard surrounded by roses and the olive groves , created by the will of the property that has chosen one of the vines noblest: the cabernet franc: a grape that in the near Bolgheri found its natural habitat. The wine has an intense color , the palate soft and comfortable , bottling showed 13.5 gradation alcoholic , 6 total acidity. The Supertuscany of Tenuta il Cicalino is the will of an area that is evolving and gives rise to this example of innovation and quality.


Technical sheet:

After the grapes have been harvested ( in September), selected and gently de-stemmed, they are macerated with the skins for 7/10 days.
The wine is then left to mature in steel barrels and bottled in February. Cicalino wine is a Monteregio DOC and consists of 80 % Sangiovese , 10 % Syrah , 10 % Merlot : presents 13. alcohol content , total acidity 6.