Our “Lame” farmlet is located in the centre of the farm holiday cottage, to the west of the “Cicalino” farmlet.

Available options:

2 flats for 4 people
1 flat for 6/8 people

Restored – carefully maintaining and preserving its original characteristics – it will welcome you into its rooms so that you can enjoy an authentic and romantic natural environment

There are two flats on the first floor, Lame 1 and Lame 2, each measuring 60m2 and fitted with two double rooms, a sitting room and kitchen area (Lame 2 also has a fireplace), TV, ensuite bathroom and safe.

The third flat, Lame D, is a 2-storey building measuring 85m2 which can house between 6 and 8 people, thanks to its two double rooms and two large single rooms, which can if necessary house two people. The flat also includes a small sitting room, kitchen area and TV, two ensuite bathrooms with a shower, and a safe.

All rooms for two can be set up as either double rooms or couple suites.