• Biscuits from Prato

Data pubblicazione: 14 Mar 2020 - Categoria: recipes

Biscuits from Prato Receipe

Yield: 40 biscuits

• flour 00: 500 g

• sugar: 300 g

• almonds: 250 g

• 3 whole eggs

• 3 egg yolks

• Butter: 50 g

• 1/2 sachet of yeast

• a glass of Vin Santo

• a pinch of salt

Put the flour on the table and make the fountain, in the centre put the whole eggs and two yolks, the sugar, the yeast, the melted butter, the Vin Santo and a pinch of salt.

Work the mixture quickly, and then add the toasted almonds (cold).

With the dough make some loaves at least 5 centimetres wide and 2 high.

Place them on a greased and floured pan, well-spaced, sprinkle them with egg yolk and

bake them at 200 degrees for about 30 minutes.

Remove them from the oven and once cooled cut them obliquely, one centimetre wide, put them back in the oven 5/10 minutes to obtain the biscuit.

Chef Gabriele

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