Montebamboli Route

August 28, 2017
Fattoria Marsiliana

38.8 km

Il Cicalino – Montebamboli – Montiani – Fatt. Marsiliana – Il Cicalino

After a short warm up trail, we will start our route by riding along the “endless” straight road to Montebamboli. After each turn it will seem that we have climbed a lot, but the highest point is Montebamboli, 354 m above sea level, and we will not have reached it yet! Afterwards, as a reward, we will enjoy a long downhill road. At the crossroads (Pt 78) we will take SP19 road and will ride through Ripopolo Valley, by the Montiani Natural Park – there it will be possible to take a coffee break – till the next crossroads.

We will turn left onto SP143 via Marsiliana and will ride through the wonderful olive groves towards Massa Marittima. Hoping not to have the wind against us, we will return to the Cicalino estate along a flat trail.

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Restaurants along the route

Tenuta il Cicalino e Parco dei Lecci Loc. Cicalino, 3 0566 90 20 31

Ristorante La Foresta Loc. Montiani, 27 0565 84 51 77

Bike equipment

SUMIN, Zona industriale, Valpiana 0566 91 9111